The Polaris Customer Portal is designed to provide Polaris customers with enhanced services and features online.

Order Entry

Why wait to have your Order entered when you can submit your orders to Polaris directly online.
Orders entered online are submitted to our dispatchers for processing immediately.
Try out the new Order Entry tool - built to provide you extra value and simplify your processes.
Also, you can trace your order right away on the track and Trace feature online.


The Rating tool provides you with our most current rating and accessorial charges.
The Rating tool can provide specific rates if you have freight dimensions.
If not - you can see the range of our rates from Min Skid to 4 Skid pricing.
Class/Commodity based rating is also available if required.

Track and Trace

With the enhanced Trace feature - customers are able to see the current status of all their Freight Bills with Polaris.
Along with order details - customers can also retrieve documents such as Proof of Delivery, Invoices, and other documents.
You are also able to track your freight on our trucks to your delivery or pickup with google maps!

Transit Time

Polaris offers shipping across North America. Try out the Transit Time Calculator to get our service days from origin to destination.
The tool works with city names (selected from the filtered drop down) or with zip codes/postal codes.